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On April 12th, 2018

Have you heard of Venus Freeze?

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Venus Freeze

Contour with Ease

Beauty knows no pain with the Venus Freeze technology. This technology uses the Varipulse feature to tighten, contour, and reduce cellulite using multi-polar and magnetic pulse technology. The surgery free method freezes away unnecessary fat without having to take a break after the procedure. The best part is that it's pain free.

What is Venus Freeze?

It's a non-surgery procedure that uses radio frequency technology to increase collagen by heating the layer under the skin. The result is the reduction of wrinkles, tightened skin, and an overall younger appearance.


How does it work?

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields work together to heat tissue under the skin. The skin stimulation prompts the body to create more collagen and elastin fiber which produces smooth and firm skin.



It's safe for every skin tone and radio frequency has been proven effective and safe for every skin color including darker hues.

Results you will notice

Notice smooth and tight skin only after a few procedures.


No Downtime

The procedure is comfortable and after it's complete you return back to your daily activities.

Treatment Preparation

The candidate most ideal is someone who is starting to see early signs of lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. However, it's important to talk to your doctor if you have any medical conditions. The sessions usually last from 15-30 minutes. For noticeable results getting 6-8 treatments is recommended but also depends on the area of the body the treatment is getting done as well. Treatments are 1 week apart, and clean skin is needed, as well as the removal of jewelry depending on what part of the body is getting done.


Comfort level

The application will make your skin feel gradually warmer until it reaches the mandatory temperature range. Let the person operating know if it feels too hot. There is no pain, and some patients have even fallen asleep during the procedure.


What happens Next?

After the treatment you will most likely feel relaxed, and patients have said it feels like a hot stone massage. To see results, you will need more than one treatment. After the last session you will keep seeing results as late as 4 months. The face and body will continue to age so it is best to use the procedure every 3 to 4 months or at least once a month. As with every treatment, it depends on each person's skin. Keep in mind there is no downtime, the only thing you will notice is that the treatment area will look reddish, and that the skin will feel warm, but it's only temporary.


Anything else I need to do?

Absolutely nothing needs to be done after the treatment, you can even put on makeup right after.

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