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On March 6th, 2018

Your Skin Can Tell: The Difference Between Over The Counter Products and Medspa Brands

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When you browse the skincare aisle at your local pharmacy, the products promise to do everything from clear acne to banish wrinkles. While these over the counter products have their virtues, they can't compare to Medspa brands. The brands sold at Medspas are clinically formulated to treat specific skin concerns, and they contain ingredients that are more potent than those found in standard skincare products.

Cosmetic Products and Pharmaceutical Products 

When the FDA classifies skincare products, they place them in once of two categories: cosmetic or pharmaceutical. Cosmetic products are the type you buy at the average retail store. Pharmaceutical products, on the other hand, go through a rigorous testing process and are only available via skin-care professionals. These products are designed to penetrate deep within the skin's layers, and they have the power to impact the skin's function and structure. Because of this, pharmaceutical products, otherwise known as medspa products, are held to a higher standard than cosmetic products. They also produce faster, better results.

The Best Medspa Brands

There are many great Medspa skincare brands to choose from. Most Medspa product lines are formulated by scientists to ensure powerful skincare results. Popular lines include Eminence, Epionce, and Glymed.


If you're looking for organic solutions to your skin concerns, Eminence is an excellent option. This brand creates organic, natural, and Biodynamic products that improve the radiance of the skin. They have products to suit every type of skin, including acne-prone, dehydrated, oily, normal, and aging. Regardless of your skin type, you'll find everything you need with Eminence's varied array of products. The brand offers products for every step of the skincare routine, from cleansers to exfoliants to night creams. Eminence products never contain harmful ingredients, like synthetic chemicals or plant extracts that have been exposed to pesticides. From their correcting cream to their foaming cleanser, Eminence products contain high-quality botanicals that soothe the skin.


Epionce specializes in evidence-based skincare. With the brand's products, people can create effective at-home regimens tailored to their specific skincare needs. The line is created by a clinical dermatologist, and the products contain botanical and barrier-boosting ingredients. They are also formulated without potentially harmful ingredients, like sulfates, fragrance, and parabens. Epionce products are designed to improve fine lines, discoloration, uneven skin texture, dryness, clarity, and blemishes. Armed with Epionce cleansers, toners, serums, lotions, and sunscreens, anyone can have beautiful, glowing skin.


GlyMed products are designed to ward off a number of skincare concerns, including rosacea, sun damage, pigmentation, acne, and aging. The brand prescribes a four-step skincare routine: cleanse, treat, balance, and protect. The products contain unique ingredients, like fulvic acid and flower extracts, which help to restore and repair the skin. Whether you want to get rid of blemishes or protect skin at the cellular level, following the brand's regimen will help to transform your skin.

If your skin regimen needs a boost, don't waste your time with over the counter skincare products. Turn to the skin restorative powers of Medspa brands.

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