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On October 2nd, 2018

Fall Skin Care Tips

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When the season changes and fall settles in, the change in the whether can mean unfortunate things for our skin. Some of these issues are cracked cuticles, dry lips, and blotchy. Skin imperfections and blackheads are also common issues during the fall season.

Perfect Skin Care Treatments for Fall

Chemical Peels 
A chemical peel is designed to remove the top layer of skin on the area you are treating, which is normally the face. Removing the top layer essentially exfoliates your skin, getting rid of the uneven color that is left behind from summer. If you visit a spa, someone will be able to tell you how aggressive your chemical peel should be.

Exfoliating Treatments 
With summer gone, your tan is going to begin fading away. When this happens, your skin will have some dark spots. To even out your skin tone, you should exfoliate. Exfoliate with something that is gentle on your skin, and you can use it on your lips, as well.

A Hydrafacial basically combines all the other treatments into one. With a Hydrafacial, you will be getting your face cleaned, exfoliated, and hydrated while also protecting the antioxidants in your skin and cleaning your pores. Usually this treatment is done at a spa, so you can relax while having it done, too.

Continue using SPF daily. 
Just because summer and sunshine are gone doesn't mean you can stop using SPF. Even on cloudy days SPF is necessary. You can buy a moisturizer with SPF in it, or you can use something separate.


What to Change in Your Daily Routine

Use a hydrating cleanser. 
Instead of a foaming cleanser, you should use a hydrating cleanser for your face. The foaming cleansers will dry out your skin, leaving it looking blotchy and prone to breakouts.

Use hydrating serums. 
Many hydrating serums work to not only hydrate your skin, but to prevent and fix damage from the sun. Hydrating serums also promotes the production of collagen while providing your skin with extra antioxidants.

Use moisturizing creams and masks for your face and eyes. 
Using a daily and nightly moisturizer might be the most important part of your skin care routine when it is cold outside. With the wind and dry air, your skin gets more and more dried out every second. Clay masks will dry out your skin even more this time of year, but moisturizing masks enhance the amount of moisture in your skin, saving you from overly dry skin.

For your eyes, use a moisturizing eye cream each night to prevent the dry skin from causing wrinkles around your eyes.

Don't use a toner everyday. 
Toner can be super harsh on your face, further drying it out and giving it the blotchy appearance. Most skin toners have alcohol in them, and the alcohol will dry your skin out quickly.

Your fall skin care routine should be much different from your summer routine. With the change in temperature and other whether factors, your skin will become much more dried out. Plus, your fading summer tan will cause some problems for your skin tone, as well. It is important to change your skin care routine in order to keep your skin hydrated and to fix any uneven skin tones leftover from the summer.

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